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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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t of other priorities you need to attend to during budget season but hope you remember [inaudible] in the last couple years, the money that you have come through with is flexible and leverages and unlocked far more than the value that you have been able to give us. thank you very much >> thank you mr. mu dwire. guyer. next we do have ana lufort from the transportation authority to present on their funding come will support vision zero efforts >> good afternoon commissioners. [inaudible] policy and programming at the transportation authority. the san francisco county transportation authorities work program and budget will be
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presented to the finance committee in may for aprovel in june so this is a great opportunity for ustuse present how our work programs for the up coming year support vision zero. we are focus our work program into 3 primary areas for ease of understanding. this is plan fund and deliver. we treat the sftca vision zero committee as the primary and main forum. throughout the year we'll continue to support the board and also provide committees support. staff at the agency also participate on vision zero task force. we are actively voled in the steering #c34i9y and various other subcommittees including the education and communication and i'm a cochair of vision zero working group with [inaudible]
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as administrator of local voter approved revenue including the transportation sales tax and vehicle registration fees, our work program is based on traenz paerns and accountsability and meetings like this provide that opportunity fl public to really stay inform squd the board to stay informed about how aenshs are using taxpayer funds. i'll make a plug for street sf.come when you can link through it low the sftca website and see what is happening in the neighborhood as far as the use of the funding program that the transportation authority board programs. as you can see from the picture on the slide of the free way network map and this is actually a slide from tom mu
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giers december 2014 presentation. many high injury corridors cluster around free way and free interchanges. we see this as a opportunity to work systematically to improve these safety-improve the safety at the location which involves partnering with cal trans and sfmta. to that end we have been undertaking the free way corridor management study that started last year. it is a [inaudible] allow ustuse exflor to safely and relybly move people through 101 and i 80 corridor in san francisco. one of the focuses of the effort is the free way ramp vision zero safety assessment. we have a smau amount of money that
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allows us to focus on this part of the free way network, the ramps and we'll look at what is needed at that state and local interface where wl it is banners , design treatments like signage or striping or signal improvements to reduce collision. we are focus on 6-12 intersections and will identify those intersections. if the program works out, we would be working with mtc to create a funding program potentially to support this type of effort. we are also working on the geary and geneva best rapid transit project focusing on the high injury corridor and transit project through the len of safety and safety for bikes and peds that go together with all of the modes for the improvements oon the street. we are also doing
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china down neighborhood transportation planning. this is under the planning side. i vd have gave my qualification. this focuses on spot recommend for safety improvement on kearny and broadway including traffic [inaudible] strategies and other pedestrian improvement. then we have inneighborhood transportation improvement program, which was nish taiate nishiated last fall. we have several projects which are funded. one is the almany project and this is for a potential project in district 9 to focus improving the [inaudible] on nob the funding
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side, when the board adopted the 5 year plan for prop k last summer, the process was really created to give the highest priority to safety of all across of the prop k categories and this is also transened to ininother programs. there is vehicle registration fee that sets aside proiv percent 25 percent of the fund as well as one bay area grant and many projects we funded were funded on toms slides and will go to construction and some will finish construction in fiscal year 15, 16 including-we funded just recently a 1 million dollar prop k allocation to walk first, phase one improvement and those locations are included on the website and we'll follow up to make sure the committee has those
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locations as well. second street. [inaudible] we just funded polk street stiginals and have other allocation request that are in my inbox that are vision zero support was. we are thrilled to see those projects advancing. on the federal state and regional levels the funding legislative advocacy we kick off the lang range transportation plan. it will be hard to get new noney in the plan, but we'll work to get vision zero and safety as a priority within the existing fund and carving out where possible new safety programs kwr possibly new money potentially with new money coming down the pike. then we are work wg partners at mta on legislative advocase and
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bringing education on the finance committee and will continue to advocate for the at mated speed enforcement and various other traffic [inaudible] and speed reduction effort particularly near school squz throughout city wide. >> before you move to had next slide i-this is within mta's budget, but they had also mentioned that 400 thousand of prop k dollars are going to follow the paving budget. is this the max nm dollars that could be committed to the the funding need? >> i have just seen the presentation this afternoon. i know that there is significantly more than 400 thousand that is available for vision zero sporeltive effort and it depends how you classify follow the paving thrmpt is a
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programming between prop a and prop k for signal work and ped and bike improvements as well >> okay. so this is a dollar amount that was put in to the category >> it looks low to me, but i'll fleed to follow up with mta to see what projects are being [inaudible] >> okay, great. >> then on the deliver side, there are different aspects to deliver in termoffs projects we actually lead and the projects we help to support deliver of. on the lead side we are working with cal trans as in partnership for prusidio park way. this eliminates the possibility of head on collision but it will also enhance pud safety and bike
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safety. it provides well defined bike and ped routes and it also incorporate safety zone jz well delineated bike lines. the for the yurba brena ilbd ramp it brings the structure into modern day safety and traffic standards. furthering the effort of vision zero. [inaudible] this is a project that is a new off ramp at the t intersection as you exist the free way and enter neighborhood streets or city streets and it will allow for [inaudible] of intersection and signal that will allow a continuous side walk and provide a class 2 bike lane on the east side of freemont. on the ta lead projects and development we are currentsly working on bal bowa
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park i 280, geneva ocean avenue project and this enhances bike and ped safety by reducing conflicts at the ramps. for the 19th avenue projects, we are helping to shepherd this project through cal tran approval process for the 19th avenue [inaudible] and also assisted with planning efforts for m line. on the ta project deliverry support, this helps sceer project funding and working with cal trans mtc and pral for high way to make sure funds are available and used in a timely way. that is my presentation and here to answer
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questions. >> just want to thank ta for being able to present in how they can support the budget as well. it is also good to hear that one of the assumptions in mta's budget for prop k dollars for follow the paving may be more of a minimum and i look forward as we talk about how to contribute to the funding gap that we are able to work with transportation authority and help toog identify potential funding that can be used to fill in the gaps with for of the priorities that thit xhisy would like it to see move forward. colleagues comment or questions? i'm see none, can we open up for public comment at this time on this item? >> are there members of the public? great >> thank you for being here
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mrs. [inaudible] glad to be mere. good afternoon commissioners my name is cata ludel and involved in pud safety for long time and proud member of the vision zero coalition. i would like to emphasis the importance of education. i waents planning to speak today, but i heard can dist see, i think she has a great background. also engineer is one thing we need that, enforcement is somewhat education because somebody gets a ticket and they are educated, don't do that again. not that many people are part of the enforcement thing. the education is so important because we have to change behavior. it is also not just san franciscan, it is all the other people that come into the city during the week. the workers and on the weekend for
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entertainment, we have to change their attitudes. please support education. definitely we need different messages for age groups for different cultures, but i think that is where we need to spend a lot of time now. thank you >> thank you for the work on our education campaign in south of market. >> good afternoon supervisors. thank you for having this hearing and inviting us here. [inaudible] policy director at san francisco bike coalition and member of the vision zero coalition representing over 40 community based organizations in san francisco whos job is to support the city and your leadership in helping reach the vision zero goal. i encourage all of us to do a little more. i want to take a moment today after the education presentation and put it in the big picture. i think one thing
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that is important and note worthy about the education strategy presented today, it is the first [inaudible] we have seen come out of the vision zero subcommittee and working group and think that is a great achievement in and of itself. it is a clear plan that is identifying what the city want tooz do to meet the goals and addressing here is the funding we have and here tr r the funding need. we are exciting to see that cub submity put out a plan and now that they have it working to tweak it and make it as good as it can be and help find funding and look forward with the other committee >> we would love your feed back what you see what works in other cities because i know the bike coalition does research on national and international research >> we are happy to provide that at a later point >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> [inaudible] thank you foring have [inaudible] the thing we are hoping to highlight is the [inaudible] in the [inaudible] so many fatalities are to the elders we know that children and seniors are the most vulnerable [inaudible] if we have programs [inaudible] it is logical to extend the program for seniors, but also around having a target approach for where the programs are rolled out. i dont think there is enough done. senior centers and [inaudible] the ways our seniors use the cities jathat can open up a [inaudible] in regards to age appropriate curriculum, i'm excited to share this we have been doing cool interactive
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[inaudible] brodeway street and what we drew out is the program based actiffinties that get children out and about to stud athe streets and get them to look at ways to improve it and safety tips. it is the culture shift we are look frg so we hope there is [inaudible] >> thank you mrs. hew. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is john [inaudible] you approved me to serve on for another 2 year term representing the pedestrian safety needs of seniors and people with disabilities. i also serve on the boardf fdr democratic club representing political needs orphseniors and beepal with disabilities. one point that i share from both of
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my constituents is the need of expanded expenses or funding for pedestrian and vision zero safety for seniors. there is in the planning point now a senior center being cruthed at the intersection of 3 supervisor districts. 5, 6 and 8. we have gay seniors who will be living at 55 and 95 laguna at the intersection of human, market, gurarey, [inaudible] where is effective planning being carried out there in the walk first campaign, which i strongly love? how will it be addressed in the 200 thousand dollars? the coming residence in the complex of 55 and 95 laguna.
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we need to insure the pu edestrians moving in the facility [inaudible] safety as they travel in car, foot and bicycle. please, consider that in your budget review. >> thank you mr. [inaudible] thank you for also attending our state meeting ing 2 weeks ago to advocase for a resident in the san francisco bay area. is there any other public comment at this time? seeing none public comment is closed. i donlt see closing comment. mr. clerk are there other items? >> iteal 4 >> any new items to be introduced? >> at this time i'll take public comment on item 4? seeing none public comment is closed. mr. clerk any other items? >> item 5 >> at this time we'll open up
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2350 for general publiccoctant. seeing none close thank you to everyone who presented and. we'll hold our regular meeting in may but appreciate we had a quick update on the budget before we move through the budget season. meeting is adjourned.
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[music] paratransit is specialized transportation for seniors and people with disabilities who are unable to use the muni system. in san francisco, we're proud that we've had a paratransit program since 1978 long before it was mandated by the americans with disabilities act in 1990. san francisco is a unique city and our paratransit program reflects this. we have a network of services including sf access van service, paratransit taxi including wheelchair accessible ramp taxi and group van which serves groups of individuals going to a single location like a senior center. [music] >> i'm elsa scott and i'm a retired federal employee and i'm a native of san francisco.
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i use paratransit because, i've been using it for about six years because six years ago i had to start dialysis treatments at cpmc. so i'm very dependent on paratransit three times a week, coming and going.. my current driver is brian berquist.; he's just such a friendly, sort of a teddy bear kind of a guy. i don't know what it is about brian, but all of us old ladies want to feed brian. [music] >> hi, my name is fred lein. i'm most proud of driving a ramp taxi since the beginning of the program in 1994. [music]
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>> fred, you are the absolute best! thank you fred for providing transportation for me and opening up my social life, and taking care of medical appointments, taking care of my mother [music] >> hi, my name is ann bailey and i've driven for luxor for almost five years now. i drove for desoto cab for 10 years prior to that. i drove in 1976 for the old, old yellow cab. this is frances mecchi and i've been driving her for about 11 or 12 years to her alzheimer's day program, which we call the memory club. every day when we drive through
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the presidio she'll say "oh goody, you're taking me through the enchanted forest." [music] >> my name amr a.mahmoud. i am like 49 years old. i have been driving cab more than 13 year in general. then i drove a ramp more than 3 years. this is my fourth now. i have been enjoying doing the job. i like every moment of it. >> thank you amr. [music}
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>> hi, my name is peter and i'm a paratransit driver for medsam, and this is north and south of market where i pick up my group and drop them off at home. >> thank you , peter! [singing] you are my sunshine. very good driver. she says driver is very good. number 1. [music] larry mingo, mobility plus driver, san francisco paratransit. >> thank you, mingo. >> you're welcome. >> hi, mingo. >> thank you, mingo. >> thank you, mingo. thank you. [music]
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>> thank you, larry mingo. >> hey larry mingo, you are awesome. thanks for a great, great job you do for us. appreciate it. >> thank you, mingo. [music] >> hello, my name is james fells i've been working with paratransit for 13 years now. i get a kick out of the job; i like helping people you know when they need help to go shopping or getting picked up at the medical building. i really like helping people and that's why i've been working so long. >> hi, my name is kalani. i'm a driver with mobility plus. i love my job! and i've been working, i've been a driver since may and i'm pretty satisfied with the company. so, two thumbs up, hope you guys have a nice day. >> sandra johnson and i've been working for mobility plus for about 4 and a half years. i love it.
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this is my job and i love it. it's very rewarding for me. one of my proudest moments is one of my clients left his cane on the bus and i've been picking him up now for about three years so i know that that cane was important to him. and i had dropped him off and i noticed the cane later on that day so i kept it with me and when i went back down to la play, when i worked my way back down there on a break to give it to him, he kissed my hand 'cuz he can't talk. so he grabbed my hand and he kissed my hand. it just made me know that that was an important thing for him. so that was my proudest moment. [music] >> one couple who were riding with us, morning and afternoon mr. and mrs. lee. mr. lee was the dialysis patient and he's probably in his 80's and every time we would
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drive up to buchanan street, the hospital, mr. lee would say, "good job, fine driver number one driver" and he would go like this [thumbs up gesture]. and then as brian would be helping him off the van, mr. lee, i heard him so often say "brian, if anybody gives you any trouble you send them to me and i'll take care of them." and here great big old brian would say, "henry, you're the first one i would try to get help from." and he says, "the second one is elsa." [laugh] so we knew that we were being relied on by brian. a few weeks back, mrs. lee called brian early in the morning to tell him not to bother picking them up because they were already at the hospital. mr. lee was ill and she had taken him to the er. the next day or so, brian, on his lunchtime, found out that mr. lee had been admitted to the hospital and he went up to mr. lee's room and just stuck his head in just to say hello.
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and the minute mr. lee saw him he went [gesture thumb up in the air] like that. and mrs. lee said, "he's telling you again you're number one driver. so brian really appreciated that; he thought that was really sweet. but he could see mr. lee wasn't doing so well so he left really quickly. and unfortunately, mr. lee passed away that evening. that had a great impact on brian and me. it was very sad, but it was so touching that he had seen mr. lee and mr. lee had confirmed that brian was "number one driver." >> this is san francisco paratransit. it's not perfect; we have our ups and downs: late trips frustrated customers stressed out drivers. but at our best, we get our riders where they need to go on time and with a smile.
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and when we pay attention real carefully and notice what's happening on the van, taxi or at the senior center, we notice that our drivers make a difference in the rider's lives and the riders make a difference in the drivers lives. >> >> >> good afternoon and welcome, everyone to the mayor's disability council meeting here in city hall in room 400 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.. my name